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Business Management, University 1st and 2nd Year (Level 4 and 5)

The Undergraduate Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Management which is a 240 credit course . It is tailor made  to fast track students leading to the final year of an Undergraduate degree in Business and Management. This can be completed either on campus or by distance learning.

The Level 4 and 5 are similar to the first and second year of any University Degree respectively.

Both level have each of 10 modules and 8 assignments . Each level carries 120 credits.

Each module consists of approximately 40 guided learning hours. An additional 30-50 hours of optional learning material is required. These materials comprise recommended exercises, recommended readings and internet resources.

Course Fees
The fee for enroling onto this courses(level 4 & 5) together is £1620. Alternatively students can enrol onto a single level (level 4 or 5) for £1350 each.
Students can make payment using one of the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
What is Included in The Cost Of My Course?

All Course Material, including online modules and written assignments.
Personal tutor support with 1-2-1 Skype sessions
Dedicated student support

University Top-Up

Upon completion of level 4 and 5  if learners decide to continue for a full Undergraduate Degree through an accredited UK university, learners need to apply separately. The fee would be subjective to which University the students would undergo.  You have the option of finishing on campus, Costs will vary depending on which university you chose to complete the final year at.

Northampton University

University of Derby

University of Worcester

University of Sunderland – On Campus

University of Bolton 

BA (Hons) Top-up, duration 2 semesters

New Buckinghamshire University 

BA (Hons) Top-up

Coventry University 

BA (Hons) Top-up – progression from ATHE Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management

Southern Cross University

Bachelor of Business.
Bachelor of Business Administration.
Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management.
Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management.
Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Please enquire for top up prices for Southern Cross University.

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Undergraduate Top up to BA

NOTE: UK/EU students may be eligible for student loans for the top-up portion of their studies. Visit for more information.

Am I Eligible For This Progamme?

To enrol onto the Level 4 course, you must be at least 18 and have a full secondary education. Before enrolling onto the Level 5 course, you must have attained a Level 4 or equivalent.

Level 4 Module Listing

Developing Personal Skills

This modules helps to develop personal skills which is vital for the running of the company. Concentrating on communication, leadership and decision making techniques.

Effective Communication

Communication is vital . without it we are unable to more forward. Learners will go through a range of communication techniques used for a variety of commercial and management purposes.

The Business Environment

The business environment refers to the elements that affect the achievements of its aims as its affects both input and output. We shall look and discuss into economics, international dimensions, nature and competition.

The Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is a combination or mix of factors put together by the firm to meet the needs of its customers and to produce a profit which is known as the marketing concept.

Strategic HRM

Human resource plays a critical role in the running of the organisation , at times called the embryo. Having the right human resource will always help the success of the company.Recruit and retain the best would be prime.

Managing Ethically

Ethics touches every aspects of the company whether personal or professional. We would discuss the various theories and models of management and their different contexts.

Culture and the Organisation

Culture is the heart of the company .What is meant by culture? Why is it important? How does it differ between organisations?

Customers and Customer Service

Customers have become more aware of their right to be heard. Company must not offer merchandise that is not properly labelled or hold illegal promotions . Customer service is the caring of the customers. Customers are the king of the company as without them their is no sale.

Fundamentals of Accounting

Accounting is also an important figure for the running of the company . Income and expenditures should be taken into consideration and which determine the health of the firm .

Financial Management and Control

Here it determine the health of the firm . It also helps to determine about the right decision making and what impact it going to have on the firm.

Level 5 Module Listing

The Entrepreneurial Manager

In today’s world Entrepreneur is becoming very important. Major economies are relying on the success of the Entrepreneur which is a pillar of the economy .What is an Entrepreneur? Examine the skills and qualities of entrepreneurship.

Organisation Structures

Organisation structure helps the proper functioning of the firm.Why are organisations structured in the way they are? What determines the optimum structure and how does it differ between organisations? In this module, learners will look at the numerous models and theories that make up organisational structure.

Practical Accounting Analysis

Learners will complete exercises in accounts throughout this module to understand what they are telling us and the actions that analysis can precipitate.

Business Planning and Goal Setting

This should be set at the very beginning of the firm inception. The right planning and goals will help to bring the firm at the winning line .This module focuses on the creation of clear goals and clear plans to achieve a clear objective.

Politics and Business

Politics are internal and external. At times it helps for the right functioning and if mishandle it can destroy the company.This module will educate learners on economic impact, exports and government support.

Business Law

Law governs many aspects of a business nowadays. Incorporating a company itself  is meant to deal with law and it gives the legal status of the firm to operate.Explore the statutory responsibilities of managers as learners look into the legalities of business and business executives.

Managing in Today’s World

We are living and operating a digitized era and business in this era is different from 20 years back.Business in the modern world. This module focuses on governance and equality as a means to do right in business.

Performance Management

The human resource department always focus on the sound running of its staffs.Understanding how your people and your business can continually improve together, learners will review reward structures, CPD, training and development to ensure high performance in business, all to do with performance management . It helps to motivate staffs to do better.

Marketing and Sales Planning

Marketing is seen as the face of the firm . the right marketing brings the total success of the company. Students will analyse how markets, customers, competitors and products can come together in a cohesive plan.

Quantitative Skills

After completing this module successfully , students will have knowledge of numeric exercises and will understand their use within the context of the business.

Written Assignments

The ATHE Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Management has 10 modules and 8 written assignments at each level. On completion of the modules, students will be given access to the assignments. The assignments are approximately 3000-5000 words each. Students are provided support on the modules and assignments or via their learning center.

The Assignment unit titles for the level 4 course are:

  1. Applying Promotional Techniques
  2.  Business Environment
  3.  Communication Skills
  4.  Corporate Social Responsibility
  5.  Customer Relationship Management
  6.  Finance for Managers
  7.  People in Organisations
  8.  Resources Management.

More information about the Level 4 units can be found here

The Assignment unit titles for the level 5 course are:

  1.  Managing Communications
  2. Business Organisations in a Global Context
  3. People Management
  4. Finance for Managers
  5. Research Project
  6. Marketing Principles and Practice
  7. Planning a New Business Venture
  8. Business Law

More information about the Level 5 units can be found here

Career Path

Successful completion of the full Level 4/5 Extended Diploma in Management and final year of an accredited Undergraduate Degree programme will give students the right credentials to go on and apply for a job leading  in marketing, accounting, human resources, management or business consultancy.

Level 4 Sample Certificate

Level 5 Sample Certificate

Extended Diploma in Management (Level 4 and 5)

Level 4 Extended Diploma in Management

Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management