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To live in this fast growing and complex world, leaders live in the balance between moments of wonder. In one sense, grand thoughts, ideas or plans are warranted and, in another sense, tedious repetitive tasks, mind numbing operations or daily rituals are needed. A1StudyCenter founded after years of experience around the globe covering various countries. The Founder himself, has been a globetrotter; traveling almost every corner of the world, to perform the empirical studies, reaching all heights of education and quality training to bring A1StudyCenter to life.
The Founder coming from a very poor family background, climbed the ladder of achievements and today embracing series of heights of different societies and culture. He has been a philanthropist for years, securing human welfare. He ploughed part of life, being an Agriculturist and now commanding partly the Arbitration world. His experiences range from University of Lincolnshire, Leicester to Harvard University, MIT, Thunderbird and Cornell Universities with an ocean of practical experience and academic records.
His idea of the inception of A1 Study Center, came up, after years of extensive research, especially in India and the African continent, where he observed that there is a need and great demand for tertiary education. After years of communication, negotiation and discussion with British Universities, today, Founder succeeded in bringing this awe-inspiring online educational program for the needy of knowledge. A1StudyCenter is now present to bridge the gap for those professionals who, for various reasons, are not willing to travel to UK to acquire British Education and for those students who cannot afford the high costs involved in pursuing the British qualifications in-country. With the birth of A1StudyCenter, those people with a great appetite for British qualifications, will find undergraduate and post graduate courses at a reasonable price at their door steps.
The founder is a dynamic and motivated Executive Corporate Trainer and Change Agent Specialist, with a proven track record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, designing learning / training programs that develop the capacity for professionals to go far beyond administrative and managerial expertise into the realm of orchestrating negotiations, problem solving, inspiring creativity and facilitating change. He has history of numerous years of hands-on experience as a Leader and Executive for Leadership and Organization development and effectiveness, mediation & arbitration, strategic planning, focus group facilitation, customer service, coaching individual to triumph, team building, and change management both in the public and the private sector. The Founder of A1StudyCenter has also been working closely with various renown clients globally, which include professionals in a wide variety of industries, including government, education, hospitality, law enforcement, pharmaceuticals, financial trades, technology, automotive, retails and utilities representing a good combination of discipline.
The founder forwarded the philosophy of A1StudyCenter. Let us all abide that for the society at large, the signs of rapid transformations are convincing, and they are pointing toward altering our understanding of notions such as global power distribution, hierarchies, organizational development, growth and the role of the individual. Founder believes that the changes can be observed in society may also be termed as changes in mindset, that is a kind of collective awakening to experience that we have had, but not manifested yet in conscious awareness due to cultural conditioning. Perhaps today’s widespread reaching out for spirituality is an expression of the realization that the single-minded focus will not lead us forward out of what is often described as a crisis, hence the conclusion that is spirituality that can now better inform leadership. The concept of leadership is its very fundamental cling to its old logic, then what could spirituality possibly do for leadership! If we agree that the parameters are changing, then the concept of leadership would surely be one of the first to undergo a major revision.
With his extensive global experience, the Founder has molded countless organizations and individuals at large, by changing and revamping ways and processes to support them be at their best and assist them cope and walk in line with this fast-changing world. The above, blend with his wealth of experience in law and now as international arbitrator and mediator has solved numerous cases internationally, always conveying a holistic win-win approach. Besides, this concept has proved to be well acclaimed by parties whereby grudges are dismantled.
Embarking and studying through A1StudyCenter, would benefit students and others to develop a different perspective of seeing and feeling things and embracing the world with an eagle’s eye. The business school delivers a series of courses which would also help the individuals to master themselves and face the reality, everywhere, be it at work or in their private life. Let us also thank the numerous professional staff who have burned the midnight oil and worked behind the scenes to provide prospective learners with the best products in line with current global demand and trend.