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For students who do not live or come from an English language speaking country then we recommend taking an IELTS course to improve your language to level 5.5 or higher. This can be done alongside our courses. Your minimum level of English may vary depending upon which university you decide to complete your top up qualification from.

There is no interview process. You will have to fill out a short application form to make sure you meet the criteria.

Learners should first visit the A1Studycenter Course page to view the range of courses on offer. to decide on what subjects best suit the learner, he/she should:

  • Review the modules within the course, do they interest you? are they relevant to your chosen career path?
  • How the course is taught and assessed, do you have the motivation to study via distance learning? are you able to work independently?

It is important that learners do not try to extend themselves too far and too quickly so should ideally choose a path that comfortably moves on from their existing level of skills and experience.

You can simply choose your course and enrol online, via the A1Studycenter course page. Alternatively you can call the A1Studycenter Enrollments team on 02476 223 940 and they will guide you through the Enrolment process.

Affordable study programmes with exclusive online modules fast tracking learners to a University qualification

Whether you are looking to enhance your skills, improve your team or pursue a professional education, the Online Business School's learning pathways can provide you with all you need.

The Online Business School delivers online university pathway programmes with full Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards to learners from all corners of the world. Leamers can fast track their way through to a UK University Qualification on campus or by distance learning.

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Julio R.

Web Developer

I started at stage zero. With A1Studycenter I was able to start learning online and eventually build up enough knowledge and skills to transition into a well-paying career.

Kara A.

iMBA Graduate, University of Illinois Gies College of Business

It’s a really big deal to offer an online MBA that’s a real MBA at a price that’s achievable. This program is totally disrupting higher education.

Mirela I.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Alumna

Recruiters saw my Professional Certificate on my LinkedIn profile. During the interview, they told me they were impressed with the skills I learned. I got the job!

Sabrina M.

HR Manager, ZS Associates

We were looking for scale, credibility, and something we didn’t have to build in-house. Study Stribe not only offers training from very prestigious institutions but also a platform that allows you to do the tracking that you want.

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