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Course Description

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    What will you learn?

    • Acquire the core knowledge of selling as a profession, the typical image of salespeople, the range and complexity of sales positions, and the people who participate in sales activities, as well as how this may affect sales performance.
    • Investigate and compare the sales profession to other professions to see what can be learned to improve sales performance.
    • Investigate and assess the success of a structured approach to selling, then apply what you’ve learned to build a strategic and tactical sales process.
    • Learn and demonstrate how to communicate effectively in a sales environment.

    Who can enroll for the course?

    Aspirants will need to attain a minimum of 18+ years and must possess at least 1 year of working experience.

    Course Overview

    The Level 6 Professional Sales Management course aims to improve salespeople’s knowledge and abilities while also providing a professional qualification framework to help them achieve their career goals.

    Stage 1

    • Selling as a Profession
    • Planning and Preparation for Sales
    • Sales Process Implementation


    Our courses include interactive and interesting content, concepts and content delivery to ensure you a delightful learning experience.

    Hybrid-Learning Module

    A Hybrid-learning module enables you to learn the course through text and interactive video content

    Digital Content

    Digital content comprises of explainer videos, tutorial videos, quizzes, infographics ensuring a delightful learning experience


    Assessment comprises of questions such as: MCQs, match the following, and image based questions

    Case Study

    Case studies on “Real Life Business Scenarios” will be provided to you before you complete the courses


    Industry- preferred certification will be provided to differentiate yourself among others and take your career to the next level

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