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      A1 Study Center has been providing academic support to the students for a long time to guide them for their IELTS exams. You might have been thinking that having fluency in the English language can help you crack this exam easily. But in reality, you also need specific training and practice for each of the four modules of the exam. A1 study centre has come up with the solution for all your doubts regarding this exam by introducing various online IELTS course options. Check your course options below:


      What will you learn in this course?

      • Personalised IELTS course with certified trainers that is structured by IELTS experts and former examiners 
      • Video call sessions on a one-on-one basis for engaging the student in speaking and listening practice helping them to prepare well for the speaking and listening sections.
      • Short self-learning webisodes that will give you an insight into various techniques and skills for writing and reading sections.
      • Access to audio clips for the enhancement of listening practice.
      • This course is divided into four parts: speaking, reading, writing and listening. You will get the training on all these four parts separately along with covering some parts of English grammar and punctuation.
      • Various practices, issues and laws of the native country 
      • Tips and tricks for cracking every section 
      • Model questions and answers based on the syllabus for providing fast-track online IELTS preparation
      • Getting a better insight into the course by opting for a one on one video slot as per your convenience and chosen timing 
      • Learn the course according to your own pace
      • Core areas of English grammar

      Who can enroll for the course?

      • Dreaming to complete your academics from Universities abroad?
      • Shifting abroad for a new job opportunity? 
      • Moving outside of the country for some personal reason?
      • Simply keen to improve your English communication skills?

      Then we can assure you that this course is designed for individuals like you.  The learners are expected to have basic command over the English language and conversing in it. 
      A1 Study Center is always prepared to nurture your existing knowledge and enhance your skills in English speaking, reading, writing and listening. So if you have any of the above-mentioned goals in your mind, this online IELTS course is perfect for you. 

      Last Class Recording

      The Course also includes webinars to help develop your listening and speaking skills.


      For an interactive and interesting course structure, we have included a diverse range of educational and engaging content, concepts and content delivery. This will ensure a delightful learning experience for you. 

      Hybrid-Learning Module

      Hybrid learning module ensures you can learn the course through interactive video content along with written content.  

      Digital Content

      Digital content is based on various visual and interactive sessions. It is comprised of tutorial videos, quizzes and infographics. The visual representations, interactive quiz sessions and interesting infographics can bring you a rich and interactive learning experience. 


      Assessment consists of various MCQs, matching the following and image based questions.

      Case Study

      You will be provided with case studies based on real-life business scenarios before completion of the course. 


      Industry- preferred certification will be provided to differentiate yourself from others and take your career to the next level. 

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