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    Diploma in Engineering

    University Foundation programme (Equivalent to 11th & 12th standard)

    This course is delivered via Online Business School - UK

    Level 3 Course - $2,455.91 Finance your Future and Start today

    Do you want to pursue a career in Engineering? Engineering isn’t all about construction and building sites; it can lead to a career in the medical field or economics – it is a widely diverse profession to choose. Our Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Engineering allows learners to gain understanding and knowledge across a range of Engineering practices.

    This qualification enables learners to develop essential knowledge in areas such as engineering principles, design technology, electricity, mechanics, statistics and mathematics.

    Successful completion of this qualification will prepare learners for employment in the engineering sector or further learning.

    Course fees

    The fee for enrolling onto the Level 3 course is $2,455.91.

    Students can make payment using one of the following methods:

    • Credit or debit card
    • Bank transfer
    • Interest free monthly instalments
    • Paypal
    • Western Union
    What is included in the cost of my course?

    All course material, including online modules and written assignments
    Personal tutor support with 1-2-1 Zoom sessions
    Dedicated student support
    Access to an online social learning forum
    Assignment marking and feedback
    FREE TOTUM student discount card
    FREE access to our Hubs

    University Progression

    On completion of this course, students will have the opportunity to apply for admission onto a full BA degree programme from a range of UK universities.

    Course overview

    The level 3 course is made up of 6 modules and 6 written assignments. Each module consists of 40 guided learning hours of material with an additional 30-50 hours worth of optional materials that comprise of recommended exercises, recommended readings, Internet resources, and self-testing exercises.

    Am I eligible for this progamme?

    This course is most suited to individuals who are at least 16 years old, have a high school education and wish to progress onto a degree at university.

    Level 3 module listing

    Engineering Principles

    • Understand applications of SI units and measurement.
    • Know how to perform engineering calculations.
    • Know how to interpret engineering information.

    Design Technology

    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of engineering products and design.
    • Understand how to apply a systems approach to electrical design.
    • Be able to produce 2D CAD drawings.


    • Understand the functions of basic electrical components within circuits.
    • Be able to apply AC and DC circuit theory to circuit design.
    • Understand power supplies and power system protection.


    • Understand the motion of objects in mathematical terms.
    • Understand energy changes in a system.
    • Understand energy transfer, forces and elasticity.

    Introducing Statistics

    • Understand the underpinning concepts relating to the analysis of statistics.
    • Understand a range of data types and their representation.
    • Be able to calculate and interpret statistical diagrams and measures.


    • Understand the application of algebra relevant to engineering problems.
    • Be able to use geometry and graphs in the context of engineering problems.
    • Understand exponentials, logarithms and trigonometry related to engineering problems.
    • Understand calculus relevant to engineering problems.


    Written assignments

    The Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Engineering has 6 modules and 6 written assignments. On completion of the modules, students will be given access to the assignments. The assignments are approximately 5,000-8,000 words each. Students are provided support on the modules and assignments via the ‘Tutor’ section of the learning platform.

    The assignment unit titles that students need to complete for the Level 3 course are:

    1. Engineering Principles
    2. Design Technology
    3. Electricity
    4. Mechanics
    5. Introducing Statistics
    6. Mathematics

    More information about the Level 3 units can be found here:

    Level 5 sample certificate

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