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Course Description

Achieve top-notch HR expertise- Working on Live Projects, Case Studies and many more. This diploma program will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of Human Resources by enhancing your skills.

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    What will you learn?

    • Earn a Human Resource Management Diploma.
    • Employee Manual, Leave Policy, Job Application Form, Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Joining Report, Master Data, Experience Certificate, Performance Management policy, Goal setting, Appraisal Form, Disciplinary Enquiry, Employee Pulse survey, Exit Form, and many other templates are available.
    • Demonstrations include job portals, onboarding, payroll processing, HRIS, and more.
    • Examine several case studies and articles.
    • HR Functions from Start to Finish
    • Explain how HR’s role in the firm evolves as functions and policies change.
    • Create a job analysis based on competencies.
    • Perform recruiting through a variety of channels and become familiar with popular phrases in many departments and businesses.
    • Create a method for managing performance in any organisation.

    Who can enroll for the course?

    • In order to apply for this course, aspirants need to clear their
    • graduate programmes in any field.

    • It is an ideal course for those who possess strong communication skills.
    • If you are one of those who love interacting with people then it is the perfect course for you.

    Course Overview

    The course curriculum will help you to gain a clear understanding of the crucial concepts of organizational strategy, training and development, etc.

    Level 1 Modules

    • Develop a clear understanding of what “organisational culture” means and how it affects the organization’s day-to-day operations.

      • Developinginterpersonal skills
      • Learn about the interpersonal skills that managers and leaders need to succeed in their various managing roles. Learn how to increase your performance by honing these skills.

    • Learn what successful performance management is and how it can be utilised to boost workplace productivity in terms of both discipline and rewards
    • Develop an awareness of how ethical judgments can be made, what ethical challenges can develop as a result of good management, and what the legal and regulatory environment of workplace ethics looks like.
    • Learn the reasons for and the best methods for training people in an organization.
    • Learn the tactics for encouraging people, both individually and as part of a team.
    • Develop a grasp of the elements that determine the structure of an organization’s design, as well as how the structure might affect management strategy.

    • Develop a deep understanding of the different tactics utilised by organisations to attract and select suitable applicants, as well as the internal approaches used to determine recruitment needs. Learn about the obligations of work contracts as well as the significance of personal growth.
    • Learn about the necessity of strategic human resource management in a business. Develop skills in analysing numerous elements that affect the labour market, as well as the various methods in which employment can be terminated and the various forms of discrimination.

    Level 2 Modules

    • What is the definition of an entrepreneur? Examine the abilities and characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
    • Why are businesses organised the way they are? What factors influence the best structure, and how does it differ for different businesses? Learners will examine the various models and theories that make up organisational structure in this module
    • Throughout this session, learners will perform account tasks to better grasp what accounts are telling us and the actions that analysis can trigger.
    • What is the goal of the enterprise? What is it going to do? How will it accomplish this? This module focuses on the development of defined goals and plans for achieving a specific goal.
    • Politics’ impact on business and how it can help or hinder it This lesson will teach students about the economic impact, exports, and government assistance.
    • Know the key responsibilities of managers as you study business law.
    • As a means to do business right, this module emphasizes governance and equality.
    • Learners will examine reward structures, CPD, training, and development to achieve excellent performance in business by understanding how your employees and your business can continually progress together.

    • Learners will consider how markets, customers, rivals, and goods may all be integrated into a unified strategy.
    • Learners will have a working knowledge of numeric exercises and will understand how to use them in the workplace after completing this lesson.


    For an interactive and interesting course structure, we have included a diverse range of educational and engaging content, concepts and content delivery. This will ensure a delightful learning experience for you.

    Hybrid-Learning Module

    Hybrid learning module ensures you can learn the course through interactive video content along with written content.

    Digital Content

    Digital content is based on various visual and interactive sessions. It is comprised of tutorial videos, quizzes and infographics. The visual representations, interactive quiz sessions and interesting infographics can bring you a rich and interactive learning experience.


    Assessment consists of various MCQs, matching the following and image based questions.

    Case Study

    You will be provided with case studies based on real-life business scenarios before completion of the course.


    Industry- preferred certification will be provided to differentiate yourself from others and take your career to the next level.

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